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Supplements to Help You Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Gaining muscle mass is a process that requires discipline and determination with the only true way to do it being good diet and weight training.

Unfortunately, building muscles is not a fast process and takes patience. With the help of supplements, it is possible to improve your results and push up that timeline. But with so many supplements how can you narrow down what you really need and avoid wasting money on products that won’t help?

We compiled a list of top supplements that are proven to help fasten your journey to muscle mass gain.

Whey protein

This might be the most popular of all supplements and with good reason. Easily digestible, whey protein goes to your muscles quickly which results in muscle gain. It contains peptides that naturally increase blood flow to the muscles and improves the body’s metabolism giving you energy all day. Maybe its most obvious benefit is that it is great source of protein hence amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle building and repair.

Add around 20 g of whey protein to your pre and post workout shakes to get great results.  Here is a video showing you how to get the best results.


Made of three amino acids (methionine, glycine and arginine), creatine gives the body fast energy that in turn helps you lift more weights which directly results in faster muscle gain. It also draws water to the muscles which aids in recovery and long-term muscle mass growth.

Take half the recommended daily serving before your workout and the rest after you’re done.

Branched chain amino acids

The three amino acids found in BCAA (leucine, valine and isoleucine), are responsible for protein production and metabolism. This makes them crucial for muscle building and repair. By driving nutrients to the muscles, they work as a source of energy while you train and play a major role in recovery. This minimizes muscle pain and fatigue as well as improving endurance.

Take 3-5 g in the morning, 3-5 g before and after your workout session.


Beta-alanine (BA) is important as it increases the carnosine levels in the body. This is essential as it delays the buildup of hydrogen in the body and lactic acid which leads to fatigue and delay muscle failure allowing you to continue training for longer.

As you start or step up you muscle mass gain, keep in mind that supplements will only work if you have a good workout regime and are following a good and healthy diet.