Are Heavy Squats Good For Gaining Weight?

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Gaining muscle through strength training offers a lot of benefits. It increases lean muscle mass which in turn helps the body to burn calories in a more efficient manner and improve the overall quality of your life. Increased muscle mass will also improve stamina that is needed for performing physical activities. So if you only do workouts that are focused on aerobic exercise when you go to the gym, it is high time you started incorporating some strength training workouts. One particular exercise that can benefit your body in a great way is heavy squats.

What Is Good About Heavy Squats And Gaining Weight

While squatting will not give you big arms, it will do wonders to the lower part of your body. This happens to be one of the exercises that most men avoid in the gym. If you visit a gym any day, you will find that most men that are there are more focused on building their upper bodies. What they do not realize is that they are supposed to work out their entire body, including the legs, thighs and the entire lower body to look great.

Heavy squats are not only beneficial for building leg muscles, but also for creating an anabolic environment that promotes body wide muscle building. When done properly, the squats can trigger the release of two very important hormones in the body, namely the human growth hormone and testosterone hormone. These hormones are very important when it comes to growth of muscles and can also help to improve muscle mass if other areas of your body are subjected to exercise aside from the legs.

The squats work many muscles at a time in the body, something that makes them the best multipurpose workouts if you want to tone and tighten your abs, your legs and your behind. They also help in building muscles that participate in regulation of glucose, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism. This in turn helps to protect your body against diabetes, obesity as well as cardiovascular disease. 

What Is Bad About Heavy Squats

Squats can help you in many different ways up until they are done wrongly. You can get injuries to your lower back and knees if you use poor technique lift the weights or lift weights that you lack enough strength to handle. Injuries to the lower back can be caused by forward lean, rounding your back or the hips coming up too soon. You need to make sure that the muscles that support your torso are strengthened properly to avoid these injuries. Knee injuries when you are squatting can happen if you allow your knees to move in and out when you are moving up and down, so make sure that you avoid doing that.

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Summary and Action Steps for Heavy Squats to Gain Weight

If done right, heavy squats have a lot of benefits. Even though they have been criticized for being destructive to the knees, findings from research show that they can actually improve knee stability and also make the connective tissues stronger if they are done the right way. They are mostly regarded as leg exercises but they have the ability to offer benefits to the whole body. It is always a good idea to have a partner to support you when doing heavy squats to avoid injuries or accidents.




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