GoDaddy Vs Wpengine – Which Is The Best For You?

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Is it your first time to create a site? If you are planning to do it on your own since you know a little about web designing, then you should consider working with a great web hosting company. There are many of them as of late, so choosing wisely should be taken for consideration. To make sure that you will get the best of your money, you have to do your homework and take time to study the pros and cons of a certain company before making your decision. Yes, this might be hard and can be time consuming, but it will be worth it all in the end.

Definitely, the first thing that you should do is to search for a few great companies. Two of them are GoDaddy and Wpengine. The question is, which is better and why? Though these are both considered great by many customers, still, there is a need for you to do a comparison on GoDaddy vs Wpengine to determine which is best for you and your budget. Here are some important factors that you can consider.


  • Customer service: GoDaddy is also known as the company that never sleeps because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can call them anytime you want and they will be happy to answer you. Moreover, when you are to call them, you can expect someone to answer the phone in less than 2 minutes.
  • Price: Despite the great feedbacks and feature of the company, still, they did not make their prices expensive. In fact, the prices they offer are much more affordable as compared to others. Their Managed VPS Hosting costs $50 per month, the Shared Hosting costs $20 per month and the Developer VPS Hosting costs $30 per month, but you need to try these promo codes.
  • Employees: Accordingly, the employees of this company are amazing mainly because they had gone a strict employment process before they were hired. Before an employee can get hired, he/she must pass first the written competency test that will be prepared by the company and in this test, no book or any resource material is allowed and it takes around 2 hours to finish it.WP-Engine-Logo1


  • Customer service: Unfortunately, contacting Wpengine is not that easy because they are available only from 9am – 6pm CST and thus, you can’t always depend on them when it comes to such matter. Their customer service representatives who are available 24/7 are addressing emergency issues only. When you are an international customer, you will need to take a look at their contact page to get the phone number you need to contact. You can contact them via email though, when your concern is not that important.
  • Price: The hosting plans offered by this company are a bit expensive, though all of them include unlimited data transfer. The Personal plan costs $29 per month, the Professional plan costs $99 per month, the Business plan costs $249 per month and for the Premium plan, price will be supplied if you will contact them. Despite such prices, there are still a lot of people who are opting for such company because of the 60-day money back guarantee that they offer.
  • Employees: The people working for this company are all knowledgeable about WordPress, in spite of the task that they do.

There is indeed a huge difference between GoDaddy and Wpengine when it comes to their price and customer service, but when it comes to their features, they almost have the same. Another thing which makes them comparable is that when a customer pays his/her desired plan for a year or when a customer has subscribed to a yearly plan, he/she will get 2 months for free, thus, helping him/her save money.

It might be hard for you to choose amongst these two. If you don’t have enough money to pay for such expensive hosting plans, then you might choose GoDaddy. However, when the price and customer service are not that important to you, then you can opt for Wpengine. Even when its hosting plans are expensive, still, you will not lose money in the end because you can get a refund when you decide to cancel your plan within their guarantee period. So, with these said, it is then up to you to choose which company to use.

The Easiest Methods on How to Unlock a Straight Talk SIM Card

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If you have a phone from another carrier and you would like to use a Straight Talk SIM card with it, there are a few things that you need to know about first. Unlocking the SIM card is not only limited to this situation. It is rare, but there may come a time when you see that your phone asks for the PUK code. In some other cases, there are phones that say your SIM card is rejected or your SIM card is blocked. No matter what your phone displays, this means that you cannot use your Straight Talk SIM with your current phone. There is no need to panic, though, because there are a number of solutions offered depending on your situation.

Since you already own a Straight Talk SIM, you know that it is one of the best choices for smartphone users who are searching for a way to save money on their monthly bill. While another way to save money is by using Straight Talk wireless promo codes. With this SIM card, you can make unlimited phone calls and send unlimited text messages. You also do not have to worry about reaching your data cap because there is none here at Straight Talk.

Different Situations that Need SIM Card Unlocking

As previously mentioned, the solution for unlocking your SIM card will depend on the situation you are in. There are many circumstances that may require unlocking of your SIM, including the following:

Your phone needs the PUK or the Pin Unlock Code. This happens when you have entered your PIN (Personal Identification Number) incorrectly for about three to five times. The SIM will automatically disable itself after the failed attempts to block the user from gaining further access into the phone.

  • Your phone displays that you have an unregistered SIM or that its registration has failed.
  • Your SIM is blocked.
  • Your phone displays the line “SIM Card Rejected.”

Straight Talk has simplified how you can solve the above situations. Whether your phone says that it needs you to enter your PUK number or it does not recognize your SIM, causing it to display “Insert SIM,” you can call the Customer Care Center. This will hasten and simplify the process of unlocking the SIM because a representative will readily assist you in order for you to use your phone with your SIM in it once again.

According to Straight Talk, if your phone displays that your SIM card is rejected, it means that you are using a SIM from another phone. In order to solve this issue, you have to insert the correct or the original SIM that you have received from their phone package. However, if you have the correct SIM but your phone still says that your SIM is rejected, you can contact their customer service to get the assistance that you need.

On the other hand, if your phone says “Emergency Calls Only” or that you have an “Unregistered SIM,” this happens because your phone is not activated yet. This is not a problem, so simply disregard this message as it will go away once you have activated your phone. The same thing goes for the messages “SIM Card Registration Failed” and “No Service.”

General Tips for Removing a SIM Card Lock

Just like most of the cellular service providers out there, Straight Talk, which is owned by TracFone Wireless Inc., blocks the phones so that SIM cards from other companies cannot be used in their phones. If you are planning to use another SIM with your phone from Straight Talk, you can try the following steps:

  • Find the IMEI: This is usually found behind your device’s battery. No matter if it is a Samsung, Nokia, or LG phone, you can get the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number by pulling the phone’s battery out. The IMEI is easily recognizable because it is made up of 15 digits and it is typically labeled for the users to immediately find it.
  • Press some buttons: If you seem to have missed the IMEI at the back of your battery, there is another way to find it. Simply press the following in your phone: #060# then press the call button. Your screen will automatically display your phone’s IMEI.
  • Call Straight Talk’s customer service: There is a reason SIM cards are locked, and that is to prevent the users from changing it without the company’s knowledge. You can call the customer service department to let them know of your goal, which is to unlock your phone. You may be asked to give your name as well as your phone number and the IMEI of your phone.
  • Get the unlock code: If Straight Talk permits it, you will receive the unlock code. Make sure that you write everything down correctly.
  • Unlock your phone: Before you proceed, you are advised to turn your phone off first. Then turn it on and enter the unlock code.
  • Try inserting a different SIM card to know if you can now use your phone from Straight Talk with another service provider.

Unlocking Your SIM

If you have participated in Straight Talk’s promo, which is the Bring Your Own Phone program, this means that you only have your SIM card. You are using your existing phone with your new SIM. Therefore, what you probably wish to do is to unlock the SIM itself so that you can use it with other phones.

When you insert the new SIM into another phone that is not from Straight Talk, you will be asked to enter the SIM card code. The default code is either 1111 or 2222, which you will enter through your keypad. In general, you will only have five chances, so make sure you enter the code correctly; otherwise, you will have a brick phone. Sometimes, the code is not 1111 or even 2222, so you have to ask Straight Talk clearly and inform them of your intentions, which is to use the SIM with another phone.

If you ever have a problem with your Straight Talk SIM, you can always contact their customer service department to ask them for assistance.

Hostgator Web Hosting Reviewed

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Hostgator coupon codes promosYou are thinking of expanding your reach. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact that is good because you are thinking of expanding your business. The most practical thing to do is maintain a website. You do not set up another office if you are thinking about expansion. You can do it the economical way without spending so much. Have you considered making good use of the internet? You should consider the idea of web hosting if you want to kill the fierce competition.

Do not worry because there are many web hosting companies that you can consider. If you are not familiar about web hosting, this is the time that you get acquainted with it. You should know that web hosting is a service that allows a company, organization or an individual to make their website available in the internet. Web hosting companies like Hostgator will provide space for you. You only need to subscribe. But how will you know that you picked the right company? That is not a big issue. You have to check for the company’s reliability and uptime. It should be 99% or nothing.

You also need to look into different features of the company. For example, in Hostgator, they offer different plans that you can choose freely. You can start from Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. Hatchling Plan boasts of unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You only host one domain name and its price per month is $4.95. There’s the Baby Plan which boasts of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and it can host unlimited domains. The price is $7.95 per month. Finally, the Business Plan boasts of unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains; it has a free private SSL, IP and toll number. The cost is $12.95 per month.

If you think of the things that it can do, the cost will not bother you. You should know that there are different types of hosting. You need to be acquainted because it can make a difference at the end of the day. We know that with the help of a hostgator coupon you can save upwards of 25% off your plan. The code will apply at checkout and the savings should automatically appear. You should be familiar with free web hosting services, shared web hosting services, reseller web hosting services, virtual dedicated server and many more.

Because of the many features, Hostgator Shared Hosting Reviews are available. It is up to you to read one or all of them. Whatever you read, make sure that you apply or note it because it can greatly impact your work. In general, Hostgator garnered some awards that they are proud of. Here are some reviews and awards:
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Omega 3 Fish Oils from the Vitamin Shoppe

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If you’re looking for a fish oil supplement, there are some qualities you’ll need to keep in mind to find a quality brand. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to improve heart health, boost brain function, enhance the immune system to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and to soothe and lubricate the joints, which is very beneficial for individuals with arthritis or osteoporosis. The American Heart Association even suggests that patients with coronary conditions take a gram of DHA and EPA, which is found in fish oil, each day.

What to Look for in a Fish Oil

One of the first things you should check for is the origin of the fish oil omega-3 supplement. Read the ingredients to find out which types of fish were used to make the fish oil. The best fish for this type of supplement are those that live in cold water, like salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, cod and halibut.

Next, consider the dosage of the fish oil. A supplement with a high omega-3 content is best. Any fish oil that you take should have no less than 60% of omega-3 fatty acids. More affordable capsule often contain about 30% omega-3, which is average, but not ideal if you’re using the supplement for the specific treatment of a medical condition like heart disease or rheumatoid arthritis. Take a look at this site for some great coupons for the Vitamin Shoppe. Capsules also have a better taste than pure fish oil that you mix with water or juice, so if you’re not used to the taste of fish, capsules will likely be a better option — you’ll just have to take to take an extra dose or two daily for the fish oil to be effective.

A fish oil that is extremely fresh is a must as well. Fish oil isn’t potent for very long, so you’ll need a high-quality supplement that will offer all the health benefits you need. A supplement made from fish that has been raised in the freshest water possible will provide you with the antioxidant effects to keep your immune system strong. See that the supplement has been filtered to eliminate toxins, but make sure that the fish oil is still completely natural. Distilled fish oil is not natural; it’s also not a good idea to take a fish oil supplement that has been through esterification.
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Some Awesome Tips for Shopping Online

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If you shop online then you have without a doubt seen the coupon code check out box. This box gets passed by everyday by hundreds of thousands of shoppers. But not me, I have found greater meaning and purpose in the coupon code prompt.

It has allowed me to save thousands of dollars for my family and allowed me to teach others in the ways of the couponer.

It’s not just a technique we use, it’s a lifestyle. Not just for online shopping, but shopping in general. We use these tactics in our everyday lives to save more cash than the other guy.

So stay tuned by subscribing to our blog feed or email list, they will both provide you with a wild ride.

Are coupons the only way to save money on your online purchases? Hell no! There are tons of other ways to milk some deals, the first tip we’ll give is playing the seasons. Depending on the time of year and the product you are trying to buy, some awesome deals could be around the corner by waiting until the last minute. Black friday, cyber monday, and christmas are the obvious times, the end of the year is another final push to try and squeeze deals out of a service or product provider.

The process is simple, if you’re buying something which allows negotiation on price, hold out until the last day when the person is desperate to close the deal. These times of the year most people are trying to make a quota or end of the year goal, so leverage that against them. This is a simple trick that will allow you to access some crazy discounts if you’re patient. Sometimes deal shopping is a lot about patience, you always want to be slow and calculated with your purchases. Well sometimes there are opportunities we must seize but for the most part it’s a slow play.

For now that’s all of our shopping tips, so stay tuned for more wild and crazy ideas and helpful methods. The deals is only a click away!